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My mission is to improve the lives of everyone in the Berkeley District.

John brings more than 30 years of business experience in government contracting, construction, environmental and alternative energy as well as economic development around the world.
Mr. Curran founded his own Consulting business where he provided direct consulting services. Since then, Mr. Curran has provided support for President Clinton for his Welfare to Work efforts, President Bush on the efforts after 9/11, President Obama on his efforts with Gang and Drug Warfare, and President Trump on his efforts with Alternative Energy infrastructure and Veterans Choice programs.
Mr. Curran then started Agri-Based Biofuels. The company started converting trash to fuels, primarily focusing on US military clients. This expanded into all types of alternative energy sources and integration. As the CEO Agri-Based then merged with Eco-Integrators that worked in agricultural fields as well as D3 a business that provided Economic Development support to small and developing countries around the world.
Mr. Curran quickly became a known subject matter expert, and he was called on by the US Congress to testify multiple times on Energy and Environmental matters as well as the economic impact in those areas. Mr. Curran sold off the business to a Trust in Europe Union in 2018.
At this point, Mr.
Curran continued to consult with businesses and governments, mostly in transition. Mr. Curran also during this time completed his bachelor’s degree in political science and his MBA in Economics.

Mr. Curran served in the U.S. Navy where he was stationed at Naval Telecommunications Command in Washington DC. During his time there he was detail to the Armed Forces Inauguration Committee to support President Reagan’s second Inauguration. Afterward, John was requested for temporary duty to the President’s staff at the White House. During this time, Mr. Curran was transferred to the Pentagon to support the investigation and response to the Johnny Walker Spy case.


Mr. Curran was then transferred to the Chief of Naval Operations where he served with the Counterterrorism Team. He then served onboard the USS Kittiwake, where he was involved in the recovery of the Space Shuttle Challenger after it exploded on Takeoff. Mr. Curran was also involved in multiple actions in South America and the Middle East. After being honorably discharged, Mr. Curran served in the US Navy Reserve for an additional two years.

John Curran
John Curran

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