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John R. Curran, Jr Republican Candidate for James City County Board of Supervisors  Berkeley District

John Curran

for James City County Supervisor - Berkeley
Leadership- Experience - Dedication

Who is John Curran?

John R. Curran, Jr., Republican Candidate for James City County Board of Supervisors, Berkeley District

 John is committed to supporting parental rights in schools, protecting our children from violence, bullying, and supporting our teachers. He is passionate about ensuring public safety in James City County, free from violence by supporting our first responders with proper equipment and training.  Curran is focused on our water resources and supports a proactive approach to increasing supply through new technologies and cost-effective solutions. Maintaining the beauty of James City County balanced with enhancing the amenities valued by residents is an area of great interest to Curran and key to maintaining property values and owners’ rights.


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